The Westport Public Library, in conjunction with the Rideau District Museum, and the support of the Westport Heritage Committee, has collected an assortment of materials available to the public for their genealogical, or historical research. The materials in the library are available during the normal hours of operation of the library.

The community of Westport was incorporated in 1904, and prior to that was part of North Crosby Township, so we hold many documents that cover both the village and the Township.
Here is a sampling of the material that is available:

Land records for North Crosby Township up to 1870’s.
Some Agricultural Census for North Crosby.
History of some of the buildings in the village of Westport.
History of some of the commercial businesses of the area.
Numerous old photos.
A selection of family histories.
Directory of Cemeteries in the area.

There are also histories of some of the other communities in the area, as well as other reference materials. Ancestry Library Edition is also accessible on the computers in the library.
If you would like to know if we have a specific item in our collection, please contact us at

We are always looking to add more to our collection. If you have photos, documents, or a family history we would love to be able to make a copy. The library has a scanner on site, so any materials would not have to leave your possession. If you would like to contribute something to the Archives, please contact us.


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