Local Authors

     Westport Library is a home to a wealth of books written by local authors. The collection contains a variety of fiction and nonfiction. No matter the topic the love of the world, our country, family, and friends is revealed.

     Delightful stories such as “An odd couple”, “A wing in the door”, “My halo is choking me”, “Ramblings on the Rideau”, and “Small vegetables” bring such enjoyment to the reader.

     If you like to have some mystery in your reading “Flight from the fortress” and Robert Sutherland’s collection are recommended.

     A trip back in time with “Iron tassel” will captivate you interest. Short stories such as “Tales for a winter night” provides an interesting read as well.

     It was fascinating to read the memoirs “Always & after” and “Love  & all that jazz”. These personal journeys give a glimpse into life in the 20th century.

     The WWII books by Jeffry Brock, and John Margison illuminate today’s readers of one of the most important times in our history. Similarly, the collection of poetry “In these we served” allows the reader to explore the many ways war influences the people of the time.

     The evolution of the Ford in Canada is detailed in the book “In the shadow of Detroit”. This is a fascinating story of Gordon M. McGregor that reveals his successes as an industrialist and civic leader.

     “Biological notes on an old farm”, a nonfiction book of plant and animal life in Eastern Ontario is a detailed exploration of the common living species that surrounds us. Likewise, “Breast cancer : Biography of an illness” is a must for anyone touched by breast cancer.

     “Talking to the other world” should be both the first and last book you read in the collection. The photographs from around the world accompanied by inspirational text encircles it all – LOVE – for the world and all it encompasses.

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These books, and many others by local authors, or by authors with ties to the Westport area are available at the library.