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Books 003“An odd couple” by k. Neola Thacker
K. Neola Thacker is a Westport author with a long history of writing.
This book is geared for children age 10 and up.
The story is about a Trumpeter Swan, and a Canada Goose, who kept each other company one winter in Westport.
The books can be purchased at the library for $10.00.
Autographed copies can be arranged.

Picture 329“World of Wonders” by Robertson Davies
Pub. by Macmillan of Canada, Toronto, c1975
ISBN 0770513190Red Cloth cover with Gold lettering o
n spine.
Light wear on dust jacket.
Slight foxing on edges.

“The boys of Saturday night : inside Hockey Night in Canada”
by Scott Young.
Macmillan of Canada, Toronto, 1990
Book in fine shape, dust jacket in fine shape
Previous owner’s name inside front cover.

IMG_0440“The collected short stories of Louis L’Amour : The crime stories, Volume 6”
Published by Bantam Dell ; New York , c 2008
ISBN 9780553805314
568p., 23 cm.
Red cover, with dust jacket.
Dust jacket in very fine condition.
Previous owner’s name inside.


img_0108Redoute’s roses : the complete series of 167 full-page paintings in full colour”
by P. J. Redoute
Wordsworth Editions,  Hertfordshire, c1990
342 p., 37 cm.
Dustjacket in good condition.

Picture 314“The boat who wouldn’t float”
by Farley Mowat
McClelland & Stewart, Toronto, c1969,
Third Edition 1970
Blue cloth cover with silver lettering.
Dust jacket is brightly coloured, but has a few small tears.


“From the wild: Portfolios of North America’s finest wildlife artists” – Edited by Christopher Hume.
Introduction by David M. Lank
Published in Canada by GWA Group Publishing, Richmond Hill, ON. c1987
29 cm tall, 192 p., B&W, Colour illustrations.
Binding tight. Minor wear to dustjacket, and book.


“The birds of Canada”
By W. Earl Godfrey
Colour illustrations by John A. Crosby. Line Drawings by S. D. MacDonald.
National Museum of Natural Sciences
National Museums of Canada, Ottawa, ON, c1979
29 cm., 428 p., index
Book shows minor wear on spine. Dustjacket in very good condition. Inscription inside.


“Pax Britannica”
img_0218by James Morris
The Folio Society, London, 1992
Fourth printing
illustrated, index
3 Volume Set, encased in decorative box.
Books are  blue cloth, with gold embossed image.
Case has minor wear on lower edge of wrapping image.


“Lines to live by”img_0193
Edited by  Clinton T. Howell,
illustrated with woodcuts by
Thomas Bewick & His School
Thomas Nelson Pub., Nashville, c 1972
200p., ill., 28 cm.
Silver paper cover, with blue title. Some staining. Inscription inside. Some notes in back of book.


“The Helga Pictures”img_0183
Andrew Wyeth
Text by John Wilmerding
Harry N. Abrams, Inc., New York, c 1987
208 p., index, B&W, Colour illus., 29 cm.
Red cloth book, Gold lettering.
Binding tight. Near Fine. Dust jacket is also Near Fine.

img_0179“To everything there is a season”img_0180
Roloff Beny in Canada
Rolph-Clark Stone Limited, Toronto, c1967
Fifth printing, 1975
324 p., index, B&W, Colour Ill., 36 cm.
Green Cloth cover, with gilding.
Dust jacket shows very little wear.


“Madame Benoit’s World of food”img_0201
Madame Jehane Benoit
McGraw-Hill Ryerson Ltd., Toronto, c1980
274 p., index, Colour Ill., 23 cm.
Navy Cloth cover, Gold lettering on spine.
Dust jacket shows sign of wear.
Binding is tight.

img_0198“Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies: a complete illustrated guide to the Warner Bros. Cartoons”
by Jerry Beck & Will Friedwald
Henry Holt & Company, New York, c1989
390 pages, B&W Illus., 23 cm.
Softcover. Cover is still bright.
Some edge wear, and few marks on index pages.


“Practical woodwork”img_0195
By A. W. P. Kettless
B. T. Batsford Ltd., London, c1963
166 p., B&W Illus., 25 cm.
Tan cloth cover, with gold lettering on spine.
Dust jacket has signs of wear.


“The old stones of Kingston : its buildings before 1867”
by Margaret Angus
University of Toronto Press, c 1966
Illustrated board covers, with same illustration on dust jacket.
Dust jacket has minor wear on corners.
Inscription on inside.

img_0112img_0111“A treasury of American prints”
edited by Thomas Craven
Simon & Schuster, New York, c1939
99 b&w illustrations, 32 cm tall.
Spiral bound. Slipcase included.
Pages all in  good condition. Shows some minor rust from the metal binding. Slipcase has edge wear.

img_0089“Ontario : a bicentennial tribute”img_0090
writings by : Margaret Atwood, Robertson Davies, Matt Cohen, etc.
Key Porter Books, Toronto, ON
160 p., 32 cm.
colour illus.  
Dustjacket shows light wear.
$ 5.00

img_0103“Song and garden birds of North America”img_0104
by Alexander Wetmore
National Geographic Society, Washington, D.C., c1964
26 cm., 400 p.
555 illustrations, 509 in full color,
Dustjacket is slightly damaged. Binding is tight.



Picture 338“The China wall : The timeless legend of Johnny Bower: by Bob Duff with Johnny Bower. Forward by Mr. Hockey – Gordie Howe.
Autographed by Johnny Bower.
Cover states – ‘Collector’s Edition – Not sold in bookstores’
pub by Immortal Investments Publishing, Wayne, Michigan, c2006
Blue cover with silver lettering.
Dust jacket is in very fine condition.


Books 001“Peter Fidler: Canada’s forgotten surveyor, 1769-1822” by J. G. MacGregor
McClelland and Stewart, Toronto, c 1966
265p., index, illustrated
Dark green cloth with gold lettering on spine.
Dust jacket has some minor tears along top edge.
Binding is tight.

IMG_0451IMG_0452“Barrie : a nineteenth century county town”
East Georgian Bay Historical Foundation
Printed by Oliver Graphics, Meaford, ON, 1984
27 cm., B&W illustrations
Brown cloth cover. Dust jacket in good shape, with only a few minor spots.

IMG_0448IMG_0449“An illustrated history of Canadian railways”
by Nick and Helma Mika with Donald M. Wilson
Mika Publishing Company ; Belleville, ON, c1986
ISBN 0919303854
24 cm tall.
Red cover with dust jacket.
Minor edge wear on dust jacket.

IMG_0447“Old Toronto: a selection of excepts from Landmarks of Toronto
by John Ross Robertson.
Edited, integrated and sometimes emended by E.C. Kyte. with an index and twenty-seven of the original illustrations.
Pioneer Books, Toronto, 1954.
Blue cloth cover, with dust jacket that has some wear signs along edges. Binding is tight.
Previous owner’s name inside front cover.

IMG_0455IMG_0456“Glen Loates birds of North America”
by Ross James
Cerebus Publishing Company Limited : Scarborough, ON , 1979
B&W and Colour illustrations
34 cm tall
Dust jacket is faded, and has some staining.

IMG_0469IMG_0470“Union Pacific Salt Lake route”
by Mark W. Hemphill
Boston Mills Press Book ; Erin, Ontario, c1995
28 cm tall.
Black cover, with some wear on the edges.
Dust jacket in good condition, however slightly faded on spine.
Previous owner’s name inside.

img_0204“The Burl Ives songbook”img_0205
by Burl Ives
Ballantine Books, New York, c 1953
304 p., B&W Illus., 28 cm.
Blue Paper cover, with Red Spine.
Cover shows some fading, and edge ware.
Spine also shows wear.

img_0211“Michelangelo : The complete sculpture, painting, img_0212

William Wallace
Beaux Arts Editions, c 1998
267 p., B&W, Colour Illus., Index, 36cm.
Dust jacket in Fine condition.


Picture 312Picture 313“Leaves of grass” by Walt Whitman
Selected from the Complete Edition
George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd., London
Reprinted 1923
18 cm. tall
Cover shows some signs of soiling.
Spine is tight.

img_0194“The Stanley book of designs for making your img_0195
own furniture”

by Lindley Abbatt
Spectator Publications, London, c 1966
72 p., B&W, Colour Illus., 23 cm.
Binding is tight. Spine shows some wear.



img_0096“Sky painter: the story of Robert Newton Hurley”img_0097
by Jean Swanson
Western Producer Book Service, Saskatoon, SK, c1973
32 color plates, and 26 B&W illustrations
26 cm., index
Minor wear on dustjacket. Binding is tight.

img_0100“Two Jacksons Abroad, 1936”
Naomi Jackson Groves & A.Y. Jackson
Penumbra Press, Toronto, ON., c2000
First Edition
22cm., 159p.
B& W illustrations, + Colour plates.
Dustjacket in very fine condition. Binding tight.

Books 002“Maria Chapdelaine: a tale of the Lake St. John Country” by Louis Hemon
Translated by W. H. Black, with an introduction by Hugh Eayrs
The Modern Library, New York, c1934
17 cm. high, name on inside fly leaf.
Green cloth cover, with gold. Spine has faded.

Picture 327“No uncertain sounds” by Northrup Frye
Autographed by Author.
A Gordon Lawson McLennan Edition, Chartres Books, Toronto, c1988
23 cm tall
Dust jacket in good condition, showing only minor signs of fading.
Spine is tight.




“Air Fare :the  entertainers entertain” img_0201
by Allan Gould
Pub. by CBC Enterprises, Montreal, c1984
160 p., ill., index,  25 cm.
Softcover. Binding is tight, book shows slight wear on corners.


img_0190“The book of Kells”img_0191
Describes by Sir Edward Sullivan, BART. with additional commentary from An Enquiry into the Art of the Illuminated Manuscripts of the Middle Ages by Johan Adolf Bruun.
Studio Editions, London, c1986
138 p., Colour Ill., 28 cm.
Black cloth cover shows minor wear. Dust jacket has minor edge wear.


Books 004“Trail town”
by Ernest Haycox
Pub. by The Sun Dial Press,
Garden City, New York,
Reprinted 1943
Cloth cover, No dust jacket, Slight wear on spine and corners.

417yMQ0zMNL__AA160_“The secret panel”
by Franklin W. Dixon
pub. by Grosset & Dunlap, New York, c1946
Tan cloth cover, with dark brown text and illustration.
Orange & white illustration inside covers.
Small area of damage on lower right corner of front.
Binding tight, and overall in good condition.

Picture 020 (1)Picture 021 (1)“Christmas carol in prose: being a ghost story of Christmas”
by Charles Dickens, introduction by Lionel Barrymore, illustrated by Everett Shinn.
published by John C. Winston Co., Chicago, c1938.
Red cloth cover, with gold lettering.
Colour illustrations on lining papers. Top of book gilded. Book shows very little wear, and has tight binding.


img_0081“From sea unto sea : art & Discovery maps of Canada”img_0083
by Joe C.W. Armstrong
Autographed by author.
Fleet/Lester & Orpen Dennys Book, Scarborough, ON. c1982
38 plates, B&W and colour, 40 cm.
Dustjacket shows very minor wear. Colours still bright. Binding right.

Picture 024Picture 012 (1)“The Shakespeare birthday book”
Arranged by Jeanie Douglas Cochrane
Published by Collins Clear Type Press,
London & Glasgow
approximately 5 1/2″ high, faux leather cover, gilded
Every date has a space, and no birthdays have been added to the pages.
Lots of illustrations throughout, with quotes for each day.
Small stamp in back of book for John Morgan, Stratford-on-Avon

by Stanley & Janice Berenstain
Henry Schuman, Inc., New York, c1952
unp., B&W Illus., 28 cm.
Red cloth cover. No dust jacket.
Some edge wear, but binding is tight.


IMG_0484“The old west in fiction”
Edited by Irwin R. Blacker
Ivan Obolensky, Inc, ; New York , c1961
471 p., 24 cm.
First printing.
Tan cloth cover, red writing on spine.
Dust jacket in good condition with a few small tears.
Previous owner’s name inside.

Picture 018“London is stranger than fiction: a selection of cartoons illustrating fascinating facts about London and its environs specially prepared for The Evening News
by Peter Jackson
Published by Associated Newspapers Ltd.
Soft cover, 80 pages, index,
black & white illustrations
Some wear on cover.

Picture 020“London explorer: a further selection of cartoons illustrating fascinating facts about London”
by Peter Jackson, with W. Crawford Snowden.
Reprinted from The Evening News
published by Associated Newspapers Ltd.
Soft cover, 64 p.,
black & white illustrations
Good condition, shows very light wear.


by Ian Latham
Rizzoli, New York, c1980
156 p., Illus., B&W, Colour, Index,  31 cm.
Cream cover. Dust jacket is in good condition, with 
very minor wear on dust jacket.


Picture 013“Steam into wilderness: Ontario Northland Railway 1902-1962”
by Albert Tucker
Fitzhenry & Whiteside, Don Mills, ON, c1978
Paperbound copy.
Black & White illustrations.
Spine is cracked.

“The heritage of Upper Canadian Furniture : a study in the survival of formal and vernacular styles from Britain, America and Europe, 1780-1900” by Howard Pain
Van Nostrand Reinhold Ltd., Toronto, 1978
31 cm tall.
Cloth covers, with dust jacket. Dust jacket has some fading, but overall in very good condition.

Picture 011 (1)Picture 012 (2)“Wild chorus”
Written and illustrated by Peter Scott.
Published by Country Life Limited, London.
Reprinted May 1944
Mix of full colour, and B&W illustrations.
Slight foxing on pages.
Spine is slightly damaged.

Picture 009 (1)Picture 010“Morning Flight: a book of wildfowl”
Written and illustrated by Peter Scott.
Published by Country Life Limited, London.
Seventh impression, May 1944
Some illustrations full colour, some B&W
Slight discoloration of pages.


“The twelve days of Christmas” illustrated by Brian Wildsmith.
Published by Oxford University Press, London, c1972.
Beautifully illustrated in bright colours.
Dustjacket in good condition, under plastic cover.
Board covers.
Inscription inside.


“The happy orpheline” by Natalie Savage Carlson,
illustrated by Garth Williams.
Published by Harper & Row, Publishers, New York, c1957.
Book is in very good condition.
Colour illustrations.
Printed board cover, dustjacket has light wear.

IMG_0482IMG_0483“Wild birds of Canada and the Americas : notes, observations, and sketches of a field artist”
by Terence Michael Shortt
Published by Pagurian Press Limited for John Wiley & Sons Canada, Toronto, 1977
b&w and some colour illustrations.
24 cm tall
Previous owner’s name inside.
Green cloth cover, with dust jacket. some wear on edges of dust jacket.


Books 007“Brian Wildsmith’s ABC”
by Brian Wildsmith
Oxford University Press, London, reprinted 1974
19 cm, unp.
Book shows some wear along edges. Dust jacket if still brightly coloured.
Binding is tight.

Books 008

“On Christmas Eve”
by Margaret Wise Brown
Young Scott Books, Reading, MA., 1965
26 cm., unp.,
Library binding, cover shows no sign of wear.
No dust jacket.


Books 025

“Tales of a Grandfather: A history of Scotland from early times to the Union of the Parliaments” – Condensed from Sir Walter Scott’s TALES OF A GRANDFATHER by T.D. Robb, M.A.
Blackie &Son Limited, London & Glasgow
19 cm. tall, 231 p.
Dust jacket is damaged, red cloth cover, binding tight.
Previous owner’s name inside.

Books 022“Collected verse of Rudyard Kipling” by Rudyard Kipling.
The Copp Clark Co., Ltd, Toronto, 1909
22 cm., 374 p., index.
Burgundy cloth cover with gold lettering.
Shows sign of wear at corners.
Previous owner’s name inside.

Books 021

“The happy Hollisters and the mystery of the totem faces” by Jerry West.
Illustrated by Helen S. Hamilton.
Doubleday & Company, Inc., Garden City, N.Y., c1958.
22 cm., 182 p.
Dust jacket is bright, but does have some minor tears on back edge.
Binding is tight.

Books 016“The adventures of Sajo and the beaver people” by Grey Owl [Wa-Sha-Quon-Asin]
Lovat Dickson & Thompson Limited Publishers, London. Fifth printing, December 1935.
20 cm., 256 p., illustrated.
Dust jacket shows signs of wear. Red cloth cover with gold lettering.
Previous owner’s name inside.


Books 013Books 014“Chaucer’s major poetry”
Albert C. Baugh, Editor.
Appleton-Century-Crofts Educational Division Meredith Corporation, New York, c 1963.
25 cm., 616 p., glossary.
Cloth cover with gold lettering.
Cover shows some slight soiling.
Binding is tight.

010“Orange belt special”
by Harry Symons
Thomas Nelson & Son, Ltd. ; Toronto, c1956
23 cm., 210 p., B & W illustrations
Some foxing. Dust jacket has minor tears.
Previous owners name inside.


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